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NEEDforRING is the first point at the Nurburgring, where you can find cars and motorbikes rental, motorsport, accomodation and many other services in a single company. Need for Ring is becoming a benchmark for tourists, professionals and speed lovers because it is able to provide a complete service for any kind of racing lover.
Our knowledge and professionalism in the field of sport track races allow our customers to live a great experience by renting our two or four wheelers or just driving on racetracks with their own cars or motorcycles in complete safety, thanks to our technical service centre ready for all eventualities.
In order to guarantee a complete safety to inexperienced drivers we organise practical and theoretical driving courses on tracks.

Our services:

- Organization and support in the Nürburgring race championships, like the RCN, VLN championships and the legendary 24 hours with our cars.
- Cars and motorbikes rentals for the Nürburgring Nordschleife, Nürburgring GP-circuit, Spa-Francorchamps
- Rooms and Apartments
- Complete technical equipment supply for motorcyclists
- Cars and motorbikes workshop
- Practical and theoretical driving courses on tracks
- Technical assistance during the Track-Days
- Hand wash and professional car polishing
- Cars, motorbikes and Tyres Storage Service
- Shuttle service to/from airports
- Cars, motorbikes and scooters rental to travel on the road

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You can find us at: Ringstrasse 8, 53518 Quiddelbach am Nürburgring, Germany




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