Bike storage

With the “garage service” Need For RingRing offers you the opportunity to keep your motorcycle just inside the legendary ring. Our location in Quiddelbach am Nürburgring is a few miles away from the entrance of the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Our garage covers more than 100 square meters and it is equipped to keep “dry & safe” your motorcycle during the cold months, when the Nurburgring is closed, thanks to an efficient heating system. All the surrounding area is fenced and constantly monitored by a CCTV system. The garage is also fully equipped with all the technical tools such as compressed air, spanners, bridge, batteries chargers, lubricants, etc... Our “garage service” will also provide the ideal winter shelter for the set of tires you will use at the Nürburgring during the opening season; this service will prevent tyres deformations and prevent a premature aging of the compound. In this way you can travel from home to the Nürburgring with your every-day road tires and have the chance to collect and install the right Nordschleife tires in our workshop.

What are the advantages of the garage NfR?

- My motorcycle will be watched over by serious people with proved motorsport experience

- I will not have more to do long trips and I will no longer incur substantial costs for the trip from my home to the Nordschleife

- In case of problems, I will always have a reference point where to keep and maintain my motorcycle

- Can I ask NfR to maintanin or thoroughly clean by hand my motorcycle and find it ready for my holiday at the Nürburgring

- I can use the NfR "Shuttle Service" to get from the airport to the Nürburgring in less than an hour without worrying about additional transfers costs

- When needed, NfR will offer me a transport or towing service to bring my motorcycle back home for honest and affordable prices

- Becoming a NfR customer will allow me to get discounts on all services offered (hotel, shuttle service, courtesy cars, wash, repair shop)


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