"The perfect FWD automatic transmission" 

This is our proposal for those who want to drive a car with automatic gearbox!!

We have been the first company to provide an AUDI to drive on the Nurburgring.We have chosen this model because it's the best version of the VW group. The chassis is very similar to that one of its cousin GOLF, SCIROCCO, LEON, A3 exc... But the shortest wheelbase, the biggest wheel track and the aluminum body make it lighter in the category and therefore even the fastest on the track. It uses aluminum in the front bodypanels, and steel in the rear, to enhance its near-neutral front-to-rear weight distribution.The dual clutch gearbox with paddles is the best you can have on the track, so every driver can only concentrate on driving.A new exhaust system, a better airbox and a new mapping of the control unit, provide exciting performance. It's equipped with a FIA FULL ROLL-CAGE, FIA OMP bucket seats, 4 points harness, KW coilovers  and race spec brakes. Semislick Tyres are there for the best grip. All our cars have been set up for maximum performance on the Ring,
but also a good drivability and safety. We don't like renting our cars for tourist driving or trackdays with too extreme setup. This would be too dangerous and even useless.. Our customers love to enjoy their vacation at the Ring and not risk an accident in every corner. However with this car you will be able to get excellent lap times, even challenging more powerful street cars.



  • 2,0L 4-inline TURBO, approx. 250 bhp
  • DSG Automatic 6 speed manual
  • 2016
  • Entry/Medium level
  • 1250 Kg
  • Left hand drive


  • Semi slick tires
  • KW coilovers
  • FULL roll-cage
  • FIA OMP race bucket seats (driver and passenger)
  • 4 points harness
  • Race spec brake pads and discs
  • TC, ESP and ABS
  • HD onboard camera


  • * Basic
  • __________
  • • 2 Laps: 169 €
  • • 4 Laps: 319 €
  • • 6 Laps 449 €
  • • 12 Laps 839 €
  • • Trackday 1/2 799 €
  • Trackday full 1199 €
  • Instructor 29 €/Lap
  • Insurance 149 €
  • * Not included in the price: fuel and entry fee to track day or tourist drives.
  • Additional lap 79€. If you decide to drive additional laps, we will simply charge the money when the car returns.
  • ** All Inclusive
  • __________
  • • 2 Laps 249 €
  • • 4 Laps 479 €
  • • 6 Laps 689 €
  • • 12 Laps 1299 €
  • __________
  • __________
  • Instructor 29 €/Lap
  • Insurance 149 €
  • ** FUEL (max 1° tank) + ENTRANCE TICKETS included in the price.
  • Additional lap 119€. If you decide to drive additional laps, we will simply charge the money when the car returns.

We can offer you insurance for extra cost of 149 €. This would reduce car damage excess cost from 10000€ to 5000€ ex. MwSt.


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